About Us

"We're All About Online Shopping!"
We're passionate about bringing quality products to your home

Our Philosophy
Customers are the most important aspect of our business so we strive to provide exceptional service in an economic and professional manner.
Our Passion
Comes from providing our customers with a great online shopping experience through exceptional customer service and reliability.
Our Vision
To provide online customers from diverse backgrounds with exceptional customer service and access to new and innovative online shopping alternatives.

Reliable Online Services aka ROS!

Was established by Wayne C. Campbell Sr. in the British Virgin Islands in 2004 on a small scale. However, due to increased volume, he expanded the Company to facilitate a growing clientele in the British Virgin Islands and the global market!

There is a new Sheriff in the British Virgin Islands who has taken online shopping to a whole new level, so go ahead and start shopping. We make it a whole lot EASIER!!!

Wayne C Campbell Sr.

Office Locations
We have offices located in:
Atlanta (USA);
Florida (USA); and
Tortola (British Virgin Islands).