Digg-style FAQ page What are the benefits of using your services?

  • No credit card required;
  • No monthly or yearly U.S. mail box fees;
  • Deposit option to process orders;
  • Prompt and professional ordering;
  • Orders can be shipped to any address WORLDWIDE;
  • Regular updates on your orders;
  • No standing in long lines to clear packages from Customs or mail box Companies (locally);
  • FREE delivery service (locally); and
  • Cash back for referrals.

If I want to place an order, how do I proceed?

Go to any of the categories on the left of our website, choose a store of your choice and start shopping.

Copy the link for each item, paste it in our shopping cart form and send it to us. For customers who are shopping for clothes etc, under each link put the colour and size for each item.

You can also email your order directly to customerservices@reliableonlineservices.com. We will then reply to your email and include a quotation to get you your order in your hands or to any address WORLDWIDE.

How do I know my email was received?

When your email is received you will get an auto reply. A customer services representative will contact you within 24 hours.

Due to privacy settings on certain email programs/webmail, kindly check your junk mail/folder for our emails.

What is your service charge to process orders?

Our service fee is 15% of the value of the goods.

Example: If you want to purchase an item on a website that cost $100, we will order your item, arrange for it to be shipped, track your order, clear it from Customs and deliver it to you for only $15.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards (via PayPal, no PayPal account required), PayPal payments (account required), Western Union, Money Gram and Wire Transfers.

Do I have to make a deposit to process my order?

International customers must settle their invoices in full before we can process their orders.

Local customers must pay for cost of the goods plus shipping to process orders. Customs Duties and our fees must be settled when package is delivered.

What if my orders are for large items?

We use AEROPOST, DHL, FEDEX, UPS, TROPICAL SHIPPING or CROWLEY SHIPPING to ship large or heavy items. We can also use any other freight carrier of your choice.

I am located in one country, can I have my order shipped to another country?

Yes. You will need to confirm the address where you would like your orders shipped to, this must be done via email.
If the website you are shopping on does not allow us to shipped to that address directly, we will arrange for your orders to be shipped to our shipping hub in Atlanta Georgia and thereafter have them shipped to the final destination address.

What shipping methods do you offer?

Most websites use UPS to ship their orders. If any other shipping methods are offered we will advise you of them.

Orders that are shipped to our Atlanta office for further processing can then be shipped using any shipping method of your choice. AEROPOST, DHL, FEDEX and UPS just to name a few. Customers will have to advise us which carrier is best for them.

Do I have to pay for my orders in full before they are processed?

NEW customers must pay for their orders in full before they are processed. Returning customers can continue to pay for their orders in full or they can make a deposit.

What if my order contains big items?

USPS will not ship items heavier than 70lbs. AEROPOST, DHL, FEDEX, UPS, TROPICAL SHIPPING and CROWLEY SHIPPING are other alternatives.

How do I know my order have arrived?

When your order is placed, a tracking number will be provided to you.

Local customers, you will be notified via email, sms or phone. You order will be cleared from Customs and delivered to you.

International customers, your order will have to be cleared from Customs by you. You are also responsible for paying Custom Duties imposed by your country.